New Volcanic Futures

I am a current PhD student at Massey University, working under the supervision of Associate Professor Jonathan Procter.

I first fell in love with volcanoes in high school before continuing to find my passion for them in my Bachelor’s and Master’s at the University of Auckland.

My research is focusing on Mt Taranaki and Mt Ruapehu using textural characteristics to understand why we see such different and changing styles of activity and hazards overtime at these volcanoes.
Using x-ray micro tomography from the Australian Synchrotron, I will be looking at 3D scans of bubble networks to examine textural changes around large edifice collapses from Mt Taranaki between 20-30,000 years ago.

I will also be looking at changes within time periods where there have been drastic changes in the explosive eruptive history from Mt. Ruapehu between 10,000-2,000 years ago.

Using these analyses, I will determine how the changes in morphology of a volcanic edifice can influence the physical properties of the magma, therefore changing the nature of eruptive behaviour and hazards at the volcano.