New Volcanic Futures

These experiences equip me in my main focus of attention, the volcanoes of Aotearoa, where I specialise both hydrothermal eruptions (e.g., in geothermal-volcano areas of Wai-o-tapu, Rotokawa, Waimungu, Te Maari, Whakaari), and the hazards of our mountain volcanoes; Tongariro, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Taranaki.

I grew up in Taupo, surrounded by volcanoes, hot springs and fumaroles.The weekends spent fossicking around the hot pools looking for clay and Sulphur obviously influenced me when I ultimately chose my path through the Earth Sciences at Massey University.
I worked on Ruapehu and Tongariro volcanoes during my PhD, with Ruapehu erupting in 1995-96 to propel me in to a career in physical volcanology and volcanic hazards.
My research applies methods of geochemical, geophysical and sedimentological analysis to revealing the past history of volcanoes.
I use this history to design scenarios of possible future eruption styles and impacts and to forecast the probabilities of future eruptions.
I have worked on active volcanic eruptions and studied volcanoes throughout the world (Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Chile, Samoa, Tonga).