New Volcanic Futures

Mark co-leads (with Ting Wang) Research Aim 1.4 Simulating on-going and disruptive volcanism, and will be working on new models linking geochemical and volcanological models of ongoing volcanism.

Mark Bebbington received a BSc in geophysics and an MSc in probability theory from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), followed by a PhD in applied probability from the University of Cambridge.

After a post-doc at the University of Queensland he took up a lectureship in stochastic operations research at Massey University, where he is now Professor in Geostatistics. Originally a statistical seismologist, Mark gravitated to volcanology and has focussed on developing new probabilistic techniques for eruption forecasting.

He has published > 120 refereed papers, about half of them in volcanology and seismology, the rest in other areas of probability and statistics.