New Volcanic Futures

Mark is a senior developer and started working in the IT industry in the early 80’s after completing a BSc at Massey University in Palmerston North. He has worked for Telecom NZ, British Aerospace, and Rabobank Australia. He has been working on Environmental and Production system software for over 10 years in a number of MBIE funded projects.
He is familiar with several languages including PHP, Python, R, mql4, and JavaScript in its various iterations. In previous projects he worked on various system dynamic software. He owns a small avocado orchard in the Bay of Plenty and has been learning Horticulture. Moreover, an interest in applying IT to the science of growing plants. Marks interests are Squash, Forex, Renovating, and Future Tech including AI, IoT, Blockchain etc. In previous lives he has been n a Photographer, a Chef, and a Ski Instructor.