New Volcanic Futures

An extension of this research will involve the discussion of magmatic conditions at Mt Taranaki within the wider context of arc volcanism.

I am a current PhD candidate at Macquarie University under the guidance of Prof Simon Turner and Dr John Creech, after developing a special interest in New Zealand volcanology and tectonics while undertaking my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Auckland.

The primary focus of my research project is the reconstruction of the volatile inventory of key Plinian to sub-Plinian eruptions from Mt Taranaki, through the application of microanalytical techniques.

I will be undertaking the reconstruction of magmatic water contents and magmatic conditions along an evolutionary pathway via sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe – stable isotope (SHRIMP-SI) analysis of nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMs).

The rate of magmatic ascent, magma cooling and the interaction with the mantle wedge will be investigated via 238U – 230Th – 226Ra nuclides, with an aim to constrain the genesis and evolutionary pathways of the potassium-rich andesitic magmas of Mt Taranaki.