New Volcanic Futures

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Disaster Risk and Resilience, University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Master of Science, Volcanology, University of Bristol, UK
  • Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Bristol, UK

Alana has expertise in natural hazard and risk assessment, with a focus on impacts from volcanic eruptions. Alana specialises in complex, dynamic volcanic risk, and partnering with end-users of disaster risk and resilience knowledge to produce relevant, useable outputs and tools. Alana also has an interest in volcanic risk to interdependent critical infrastructure networks and reducing and managing risk to infrastructure.

Alana has worked in a variety of research areas, including physical volcanology and fluid dynamics (University of Bristol, UK), volcanic monitoring (University of Colima, MX), climate policy and atmospheric modelling (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) and disaster risk and resilience (University of Canterbury, NZ).

  • Disaster Risk and Resilience
  • Natural Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Volcanic Multi-Hazard Impact Assessment
  • Hazard and Risk Communication
  • Systemic Vulnerability of Infrastructure
  • Volcanic Eruption Scenario Development